I’ve just finished posting 365 pictures (which took me a year and eight months instead of one-a-day for a year) and it feels like a major accomplishment. I started this blog with three goals – to remind myself on a daily basis how wonderful my life is, to get better at photography, and to build a body of work.

As I begin Year 2 I feel that these three goals still remain elusive and I find that while I have improved there is still far to go.

Thank you followers for being with me until now and thanks for sticking around for another year…



5 thoughts on “About

  1. I started browsing through your pictures yesterday and only managed to get to day 15 before I lost internet connection – but what I did get to see was marvellous!
    Today I’m trying again and will keep on at it until I get to the end (our internet service is slow and unreliable, so it may take me a while!). I love your take on the things that you see. You certainly lead an interesting life if your pictures are anything to go by 🙂

    • Wow!! Thanks for taking the time to go all the way back!! A victim myself of the slow and unreliable internet connections in Zim I know that this is a big deal! And, yes, this project has been a great way, not just to try to work on and improve my photography, but for me to remember that my life is interesting and I am really lucky! Thanks again!

  2. Have you considered entering any of the photo challenges on WordPress? I find they give me inspiration and can be a lot of fun (plus your blog receives more traffic).

    • I actually haven’t considered doing that! When I started this I looked at those and thought I should work on my photography first before trying to do those… But maybe now I should take a look. Thanks.

      • I really think you should – your pictures are beautiful! A good place to start is with Cee’s photo challenges, she runs all sorts of fun topics and many of your pictures would fit in very nicely there. Tomorrow, when I’m on my PC I’ll post a link to her page here 🙂

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